Top 10+1 Terrace Spots in Budapest for Alfresco Refreshments

  • 12 Apr 2024 9:38 AM
  • We Love Budapest
Top 10+1 Terrace Spots in Budapest for Alfresco Refreshments
According to our friends at WeLoveBudapest the following venues scattered around the capital are ideal outdoor watering-holes now the warmer weather is here - many also serve lángos, burgers and more.

1. Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró

After battling the winter chill and floods, Fellini, a cherished riverside spot on the Római-part (Roman Beach), is ready to bloom even brighter this spring. Get ready to indulge in delicacies, enjoy live music, and unwind as the warm weather brings back the classic summer charm of the waterfront.

2. Fecske Presszó

Fecske's terrace might brave the winter with its rum tea, but there's no denying the allure of spring. As the weather warms, the weekly menu and a refreshing beer on the patio become even more enticing, especially in this bustling part of town near Szabó Ervin Library.

3. Halas Guszti

Calling all hake lovers! The wait is over – Halas Guszti on the Ráckeve-Danube waterfront has officially opened its terrace for the season (as of March 29th)! Looking for a perfect weekend escape? Combine a scenic bike ride along the riverbank with a delicious hake dish and a refreshing beer on their terrace. And hey, if pizza is more your style, Guszti Pizza/Pasta, right next door, has new pizzas to tempt your taste buds!

4. Zöld Küllő

This is a laid-back burger joint in the revamped City Park, where you can feel like you're on holiday in the middle of the city, even for an afternoon. The area offers a wealth of new and old activities, and Zöld Küllő is also, by its very name (‘küllő' meaning ‘spoke'), a great meeting place for cyclists.

5. Pántlika

Another gem in the City Park: the former information hall of the Budapest International Fair, Pántlika, is a popular spot for cyclists, dog owners, and everyone really. It boasts an unadulterated retro atmosphere, and while they've braved the winter with the help of igloos, their uncovered terrace is now back in action. If the weather's still a bit chilly, try the Goulash with beans!

6. Zsiráf Buda

Spring has sprung at Széllkapu! This urban oasis welcomes you to escape the concrete jungle and soak up the fresh air at Zsiráf Buda. While those light jackets might stick around for a bit, ditch the winter blues and trade your tea for an Aperol Spritz – and your boots for heels, if that's your style. And the best part? Zsiráf Buda's terrace isn't the only spot to embrace the fresh air. Don't forget to check out the equally charming nor/ma grand nearby!

7. Tereza

At this downtown Mexican restaurant and bar, the magic transcends seasons; winter can't touch the vibrant spirit of the place. But while the Mexican Mamacita is always bursting with colour and warmth, the heart of Tereza lies in the sizzling summer nights and frozen margaritas sipped on the terrace. And those are just around the corner on Nagymező utca!

8. Fióka

Looking for a picture-perfect weekend terrace with your friends? Look no further than Fióka! Nestled next to Szent János Hospital, this hidden gem boasts a charming garden with cushy lounge chairs, perfect for basking in the sunshine. But Fióka is more than just a pretty face. Their innovative small plates are designed for sharing, making it the perfect spot to nibble and socialize. And with an extensive wine list, you're sure to find the perfect pairing for your meal. Round up your crew and head to Fióka for a weekend of delicious food, refreshing drinks, and good times.

9. Kis Lumen

Downtown Mikszáth Kálmán tér, nestled in the Palace Quarter, is one of the most pleasant, quiet, yet buzzing places to sit out. In addition to the delicacies, Kis Lumen also offers a photography exhibition, so it's worth a look inside after you've had a bite to eat.

10. Perem

Népsziget is slowly coming to life, and Perem, for example, will be open on weekends. For now, there is a limited menu to choose from, with all types of lángos (the Hungarian's deep-fried flatbread), for example, and of course the usual drinks such as small-batch beers, wines, and spirits. It's worth a visit if you're looking for some peace and quiet and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

+1 Kacsakő Bistro

Kick back at Kacsakő in Szentendre, a riverside haven easily reached by HÉV train, bike, or car. It might be a bit too early for a Danube dip (unless you're channelling your inner Viking!), but there's plenty of space to contemplate life on the bank while the water ripples nearby.

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