Assassination of Orbán Discussed by Supporters of Magyar, Reveals Hungarian Daily Newspaper

  • 17 May 2024 7:39 AM
  • Hungary Matters
Assassination of Orbán Discussed by Supporters of Magyar, Reveals Hungarian Daily Newspaper
The daily Magyar Nemzet on Thursday said that supporters of Péter Magyar, leader of the non-parliamentary opposition Tisza Party, had discussed “the possible assassination of Viktor Orbán”, Hungary’s prime minister, in the wake of the attempt on the life of Slovak premier Robert Fico.

The paper cited “supporters of the Tisza Party’s European Parliament election list” discussing the matter on social media and referred to “shocking comments” made by “several left-wing politicians and their supporters”.

The paper singled out “old left-wing backbencher Balázs Láng”, whom it described as “an enthusiastic supporter of Peter Magyar” in connection with the relevant posts.

The article contained a reference to a comment that “they would not cry if someone shot Viktor”.

Orbán: 'Violence Must Stop!’

"Violence must stop! We must go to vote for peace on June 9!" Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Facebook.

Orbán said that thanks to the change of government in Slovakia, the country had started out on the road towards being pro-peace. This was great help for Hungary and “now this process has been halted, shot through”.

“A left-wing activist has committed an attack against the Slovak prime minister. Robert Fico has dropped out of work in the most important months. We trust that he will recover but now we must be fighting for peace alone,” he added.

“From now on, we must be fighting alone, at double strength. The European election has greater significance than ever before”, Orbán said.

Visiting Kecskemét, in south-eastern Hungary, as part of his campaign tour of the country ahead of the European parliamentary elections, he told local voters that “with its changing governments at the latest election, Slovakia set off on the path to becoming a pro-peace country.

This was a great help to Hungary, but the process has been interrupted by a leftist activist’s attempt to assassinate the Slovak prime minister.”

“Robert Fico is out of work in the most crucial months…” he added.


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