Hungarian Team Wins World Championship in Soling Class Sailing

  • 3 Jul 2024 2:27 PM
  • Hungary Today
Hungarian Team Wins World Championship in Soling Class Sailing
The Hungarian sailing team of Farkas Litkey, Károly Vezér, and Kristóf Wossala emerged victorious at the Soling World Championship in Hankö, Norway.

This triumph was complemented by the decision to hold the 2026 World Championship on Lake Balaton, marking a significant achievement for Hungarian sailing.

Farkas Litkey, in an interview with Index, shared insights into their preparation and strategy. The team faced unique challenges, including an unfamiliar course with strong river currents and formidable Norwegian competition.

Despite these obstacles, their adaptive approach and strategic preparations, including a timely sail change, proved instrumental in their success.

The championship was closely contested, with the Hungarian team securing victory with 27 points, followed by a Brazilian team at 33 points, and the European Championship-winning Norwegian team in third with 36 points. Another Hungarian team finished sixth in a field of 37 boats from 12 nations.

The race conditions were both beautiful and challenging. Farkas Litkey noted the unusual brightness during nights that affected their sleep but did not impact their performance. The team’s consistent performance across varying wind conditions was crucial to their victory.

A key moment came on the third day when they won a race that put them in the lead, allowing them to manage their advantage for the remainder of the championship.

This victory not only showcases the skill and adaptability of the team but also highlights Hungary’s growing prominence in the sailing world. The decision to host the 2026 World Championship on Lake Balaton further cements this status.

The Soling class, which was part of the Olympic program from 1972 to 2000, continues to be a prestigious event in the sailing world.

This championship demonstrated the enduring appeal and competitiveness of this boat class, with teams from various nations vying for the top positions.


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