Festival Vibes by the Danube Bend – All for the Price of a Theatre Ticket

  • 5 Jun 2024 6:54 AM
Festival Vibes by the Danube Bend – All for the Price of a Theatre Ticket
The VéNégy Festival offers an impressive array of theater and street theater performances. From Carlo Gozzi’s comedies to Opera Shows and ballet, the VéNégy Festival and Theater Meeting presents a diverse repertoire.

Beyond theatrical performances, there will be VR theater and spectacular evening street theater productions. The audience will be enchanted by acrobats dancing in the air, fiery choreographies, and adventurers dressed in stunning steampunk costumes.

This year, the evening concerts are also free with the purchase of a theater ticket. Discounted tickets are available until June 13.

The festival opens with Karinthy Theater’s performance of "The King Stag."

Directed by Nándor Berettyán, Carlo Gozzi’s dynamic comedy has been a huge hit since its debut and will captivate the VéNégy Festival audience on June 20.

The following day features the ballet "The Diary of Anne Frank" by the State Theater of Košice, directed by Ondrej Šoth, which recounts the true story of a Jewish family hiding in Amsterdam during World War II.

This production won the Dosky Award in 2017 for outstanding achievement in dance theater. Festival-goers can also enjoy an Opera Gala by the Moravian Theater Olomouc, featuring works by the finest composers of the Visegrad Four, including Dvořák, Smetana, Gorecki, and Bartók.

The Rozbark Theater presents "Lovers in the Moonlight," a contemporary dance production inspired by Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte, choreographed by Anna Piotrowska.

Magritte’s extraordinary paintings, filled with riddles and paradoxes, provide the backdrop for an energetic atmosphere that transports viewers to another dimension of perception.

After the main concerts, street theater performances will enhance the evening programs. Polish Teatr Akt’s "Travelers" will present characters in astonishing steampunk costumes with bicycle vehicles.

Ariadna Vendelova and the Lalyra Ensemble from Slovakia will perform aerial dance, creating ethereal visual images and a magical atmosphere along the Danube shore in Nagymaros.

The Czech V.O.S.A. Theater will bring a fiery grotesque show, while Blackout Paradox and MansterVille will roll into the festival on June 22 with their enormous fire wheel, the MansterWheel. Sophie Zoletnik’s "Precise Chaos" will depict the dramatic clash between chaos and order, featuring fireballs, daring acrobatics, flaming props, and aerial stunts.

During the day, the Polish Concept Cultura team invites visitors to explore virtual reality in the VR tent.

Their rich repertoire includes everything from light-hearted musicals and Cirque de Soleil performances to zombie-filled cartoons, with a glimpse into Rembrandt’s brilliant art.

Discounted theater tickets are available until June 13.

Those who purchase a theater ticket and watch the performance can then attend the evening programs for free, offering a full day of festival experience for the price of a single theater ticket, all in the picturesque setting of the enchanting Danube Bend.

VéNégy Festival and Theater Meeting – June 20-23 in Nagymaros.

Four days of magic in the Danube Bend.

 Nagymaros, Hrsz 10001/6, 2626

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