International Vaccination Center at Wáberer Medical Center in Budapest

  • 31 Jan 2024 2:29 PM
International Vaccination Center at Wáberer Medical Center in Budapest
This International Vaccination Centre has a paediatrician for 0-14 year olds and an internist-infectologist for patients over 14 years of age who provide personalised professional advice on vaccinations (also for non-travellers, but also for those travelling abroad).

They administer age-related mandatory vaccinations. Vaccinations are provided by our institute and can be administered on the spot (recorded in a vaccination booklet).

The pre-travel counselling is personalised, taking into account the age of the person, any existing medical conditions, medications taken regularly, current medical condition, destination, duration and purpose of the trip, and any documented mandatory and non-mandatory vaccinations received.

The travel itinerary is used to assess the health risks associated with the trip and to make recommendations on vaccine- or drug-preventable diseases and to prescribe the recommended vaccinations and medicines.

The traveller will be given information, both verbally and in written form, on what to take with you to the place of travel, how to behave and what rules to follow to ensure that you return home from your trip healthy and well.

For pre-travel counselling, it is important to have a medical consultation 4, but preferably 6 weeks before the trip, as it takes about 2 weeks for the immunity induced by vaccines to develop and for some vaccines it is necessary to give a vaccination series with adequate intervals to achieve immunity.

Vaccination advice and vaccination is also an option when travelling abroad: ensuring immunity to diseases that are also present in our country (influenza, measles, smallpox, smallpox, viral hepatitis A and B, pus meningitis, encephalitis caused by tick-borne encephalitis virus, pneumococcal infection, strep throat, tetanus, whooping cough, human papilloma virus) and confirming immunity to certain diseases by measuring antibody levels.

Dr. Anna Tusnádi - specialist in infectious diseases,specialist in internal medicine,hepatologist,vaccination adviser

Dr. Andrea Ludányi - specialist in internal medicine, specialist in infectious diseases, occupational health, vaccination adviser

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1123 Budapest, Alkotás street 55-61. 
+36 1 323 7000

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