Chris Devil Trio, Opus Jazz Club Budapest, 28 July


Chris Devil Trio, Opus Jazz Club Budapest, 28 July
Chris Devil Trio led by saxophonist Krisztián Ördög rolled onto the Opus stage on the Big Dipper two years ago, as they presented their debut album with the same title.

The album features Balkan and swing rhythms, post-bop ornaments and heavy metal grooves, as does lyrical ballads.

The trio's momentum was given by the energy of members with diverse musical tastes: the bandleader Krisztián Ördög interested in various folk music in addition to the tradition of jazz saxophone, bassist Viktor Paczári is looking for the energy of rock and heavy metal, and Dániel Serei also plays free music from time to time.

The formation without a harmony instrument, formed in 2011, is also a workshop of three creative minds, as all of them contribute to the sound with their own compositions.
Place: Opus Jazz Club Budapest
Address: 1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8.
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