Dance: Body, Space, Image, National Dance Theatre Budapest, 9 May


Dance: Body, Space, Image, National Dance Theatre Budapest, 9 May
The researchfield covers the man-woman relationship, social relations and the individual's own story in these very ordinary, still not general frameworks, where all the dramas have already happened, where there is nothing that others would not have experienced, yet, every moment is so novel and inconceivable in the minute when it takes place.

This performancetries to capture life. And the body, surrounded by physical and emotional, relational and cultural spaces, is absolutely necessary for life. The question is how spaces, places and people affect us. Moreover, the piece starts with birth, with the descent of the angel? and it accompanies us to death.

How dotimes-faces-dimensions and movements blend together?

How doesremembrance become a part of body and present? How do we live?

Human pathfindingthat affects all of us.

We are lookingfor answers to the basic things, questions and challenges of human existence.

From birth todeath, and also within that, we focus on our pre-determined journey, during which we meet different people with whom we may form a relationship and later start a family. The performance seeks answers to fundamental things, questions and challenges of human existence such as distance, memory, attitude toward the space around us and the passage of time. The focus of this search is on the relationship, the family and the individual.

Obviously, thereare also uncertain moments in our lives. It's all a quest: we don't know exactly where we are going, but we feel that we have to go and we suspect that the end will be the passing away.

We simultaneouslydeal with distance, with the space around us and with our attitude towards it as well as with communication, social contacts, relationships and family. At what point do people and places start to converge behind us?

We arrive, lay the foundation, build our lives around us and meanwhile walk the same path over and over again. We analyse the individuals’ relationship to themselves, to the physical and mental world outside and to other people.
Place: National Dance Theatre Budapest
Address: 1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20.
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