'Transparent Sound' Series, Budapest Jazz Club, 26 January


'Transparent Sound' Series, Budapest Jazz Club, 26 January
EZMMi is the new joint project of the Liszt Academy of Music and Budapest Music Center which presents electro-acoustic music pieces based on the latest technology.

The project also offers detailed introductory lectures for the audience about the pieces performed.

On January 26, the work in focus will be Trevor Wishart's surround opera, Encounters in the Republic of Heaven, composed for human voices on 8 channels.

The piece will be presented by Andrea Szigetvári, DLA, who will be also hosting an online talk with the composer, Trevor Wishart.

18:30 Lecture about composer Trevor Wishart and the piece performed at the concert – by Andrea Szigetvári DLA

19:30 Online talk with Trevor Wisharttal
Trevor Wishart: Encounters in the Republic of Heaven – digital surround opera for 8 channels
1. Part 1 19'56"
2. Part 2 16'48"
3. Part 3 22'32"
4. Part 4 14'50"
Place: Budapest Jazz Club
Address: 1136 Budapest, Hollán Ernő u. 7.
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