Tulpa, Nagyúr, Dungaree Concert, A38 Ship Budapest, 23 February


Tulpa, Nagyúr, Dungaree Concert, A38 Ship Budapest, 23 February
Atilla Győri (ex-Trick) first shaped his progressive, sometimes psychedelic rock music ideas with his old musician friend Zoli Jáger (Jóvilágvan, ex-Trick), then Zsolti Binges (FiSH!, Storm The Studio) and Marci Székely (ex-Ozone Mama, Superunknowns). joining, the community became complete, which created the TULPA sound.

Nagyúr is a weirdo rock band brought together by the two founders of Isten Háta Mögöt, Tamás Pálinkás and Csaba Bokros, which features the original band's unusual musicality and lyrics, in a slightly more listener-friendly form.

Solid alternative guitar music, with twisted Hungarian lyrics, which is very much lacking in the current Hungarian underground. Their first single, "I'm waiting for every sound to be silent", received a lot of positive reviews, and at the end of 2022, their first LP, Szemét, was released.

Dungaree is a 4-member stoner rock band formed in 2014. Their debut LP, "Bipolar World", was released in August 2016.

Their second album "Electric Altar" was released in 2018 on Stoned Meadow Of Doom. The album was recorded in London with Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Liam Watson (White Stripes, Electric Wizard) at Toe Rag Studios. The entire album was recorded live in analog. Mastered by Noel Summerville (Clash, Sleep, Electric Wizard).
Place: A38 Ship Budapest
Address: 1117 Budapest, Petőfi Bridge, Buda side
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