Dance Improvisation Training, Juranyi House Budapest, 24 February


Dance Improvisation Training, Juranyi House Budapest, 24 February
Move your cells! – dance improvisation training.

In the 90 minutes movement research you can put yourself always in the center of your attention. You’ll be given many instructions some of them are going to be easy some of them are harder to take in.

Sometimes your body quickly understands a task sometimes it will only gain true meaning over time. The point is the research, because researching and playing is fun. We’ll choose various body sensations and looking for the affects on different movements and to find effective patterns, interesting new shapes, new ways of body use.

The improvisation class includes dance-technical basics, creative tasks, exercises for developing body awareness, which can help you:
- If you are dancing/moving and you’re looking for different approaches or some connections.
- If you have never danced and (so far) you felt it is not your cup of tea.
- If you want to know more about your own movement language.
- If you want to improve your improvisational skills.
- If you want to have deeper body-mind connections.
- If you “just” want to move your body entirely.
- If you want to be in an open-minded, friendly, accepting community.

You are very welcome to join anytime regardless of your age, gender or previous dance experience.

- Mondays 6-7.30pm
- Fridays 10-11.30am

Locations: Juranyi House // Workshop Foundation dance studios
(Please always sign up via e-mail for the current infos) and outdoor

By joining our dance impro classes you declare that you are in good health and shape, and understand the nature of dance impro activity, you are responsible for your own health and safety.
However please only come if you feel yourself healthy! Continue to take care of each other!

Dance class fee:
4.000 HUF / 90 min
You can register here:
Place: Juranyi House Budapest
Address: 1027 Budapest, Jurányi u. 1.
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