Kit Downes & Lauren Kinsella, Opus Jazz Club, 28 March


Kit Downes & Lauren Kinsella, Opus Jazz Club, 28 March
The new album of Shadowlands, out on BMC Records this March, features traditional songs and contemporary poems. Inspired by a mixture of early music, folk and plainsong as well as the painting of Jackie Berridge, Lauren Kinsella, Robin Fincker, and Kit Downes offer chamber and contemporary music.

The three vibrant voices of the European creative music scenes, followers of crossroads between genres, agree to jump together into the unknown, with no other preconceived agenda than their thirst for adventure and their desire to share.

The compositions of Kit Downes, a key pianist on the new British scene mingle with those of Anglophile saxophonist and clarinetist Robin Fincker and Irish singer Lauren Kinsella in a common desire to question slowness and the right gesture.

The stretched and singing melodies are thus surrounded by a halo of shimmering and moving sound material. Slowly the shadows stretch and blend…
Place: Opus Jazz Club
Address: 1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8.
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