Falka, Opus Jazz Club Budapest, 10 July


Falka, Opus Jazz Club Budapest, 10 July
Falka is a leaderless, special, ad hoc, open band that has been gathering for two or three days every summer for years to form a community from early evening until dawn, making the audience singing and dancing.

The group erases the gap between musicians and audience, the "we play, you listen" line-up, and welcomes musicians who are present at the concert to join in.

A very powerful energy is released, which fills everyone, and from which everyone can draw for days, even weeks. Band members and the audience spend those few evenings in the freedom of the moment, to meet up again in a year's time.

The band's programme consists of compositions by members or others that are easy to take in, and even pieces inspired by the moment, born on the spot, including free elements, written parts and easy-to-learn melodies. But it's all about being together: building community, flying, shouting, singing, dancing and clapping together...
Place: Opus Jazz Club Budapest
Address: 1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8.
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