Holmes Place Classes And New Schedule

  • 18 May 2010 1:00 AM
Holmes Place Classes And New  Schedule
"INDOOR CYCLING - This aerobic studio training is effective in improving your endurance, cardiovascular system and is safe for your joints by cycling on the spin bike.

CARDIO KICKBOXING - You will go crazy! Mixture of punches, kicks, shadow boxing and aerobic movements. This incredibly tough class has a brilliant fatburner effect and can also develop your endurance.

- Increase the speed of your metabolism, fatburning and also build muscle by working the main muscle groups of the body. Recommended for ladies who would like to shape their bodies and gentlemen who want to gain muscle.

CIRCUIT - You will work on different muscle groups in various exercises with a combination of pulse increasing cardio parts. This will help you highly increase your condition and also your endurance.

FATBURNER - Medium intensity aerobic class with great fatburner effect, using basic aerobic movements and easy to follow choreography in the fatburner zone.

DANCE - Dance class with an easily to follow choreography. Mix of different dance types by maintaining a continuous medium-level of intensity.

- „Dance of the body and soul”
Coreographed class, with slow tempo, which stretches and strenghtens deep and superficial muscles, straightens up spine, corrects the balance and coordination.

PILATES - You will create a balanced body & mind by using yoga and the newest fitness techniques that stretch and strengthen the deep muscles and the entire body’s superficial muscles from head to toe.

YOGA - By holding the yoga positions, you can tone up all parts of the body, including deep muscles, inner organs and strengthen your skeletal system and joints.

BODY ART - Release your stress! During the class all of the movements are connected to each other, using a large number of muscles while focusing on controlled breathing. Through this class, you will be able to improve your incorrect movement patterns.

Class Schedule by clicking here"

Source: Holmes Place Godzsu Club
Address: 1075 Budapest,  Godzsu Yard 'C', Holló Street 12 -14.
Phone number: 878-13-01

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