See What Happened @ 7th Judafest In Budapest

  • 12 Jun 2014 2:45 AM
See What Happened @ 7th Judafest In Budapest
This was the 7th Jewish Cultural and Gastronomy Street Festival. It had everything for the complete family day. With free gigs, a kids’ court, food and drink, an all-day street fair and the best of cultural life and culinary delights that the vibrant downtown Budapest and the historic Jewish Quarter bring.

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Kazinczy Street, once Kereszt Street, is the heart of what is today seen as one of Europe’s unique city districts, with a fabulous atmosphere filled with Jewish and multicultural tradition going back to several hundred years.

The Festival revives the special heritage of Kazinczy Street, with live performances, concerts and a colorful street fair.

Performers on three stages included Jónás Vera Experiment, Gájer Bálint, Rutkai Bori Banda, Dés Mihály and many more.

A multicultural festival, attracting several thousand local and touring visitors, with special city walks offering a chance to discover the hidden corners of the old Jewish Quarter and the chance to meet old friends and new people. And as they say in this particular quarter “Shalom”!

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