Trolley Bus Driver In Budapest Makes Wheelchair People's Dreams Come True

  • 14 Sep 2015 9:04 AM
Trolley Bus Driver In Budapest Makes Wheelchair People's Dreams Come True
Viktor Brandt professes that people in wheelchair are just like you and me - and for him actions speak louder than words. In recent years he has organized and occasionally even financed numerous events that in Hungary would be inaccessible for the physically disabled.

Some of the dreams Brandt has helped to realize:

- figure skaters have pushed the wheelchairs of a group of physically disabled people on a skating rink;

- there have been at least four daytrips to the countryside by coach for some 50 wheelchair persons each. The open-air activities included riding horse-drawn sleighs, three-wheel motorcycles and go-karts, and flying hang-gliders;

- in September 2014 Brandt and his physically disabled spouse organized, and financed, a party for physically disabled people in one of Budapest's best known dance halls, called Pecsa;

- an employee of the Budapest Transport Company, Brandt officially borrowed a trolley bus on December 5, 2014 - the evening when according to Hungarian custom, Santa Claus brings sweets to children - and offered joy ride for disabled children across Budapest.

Viktor Brandt believes that the biggest impediment to accessibility is not physical but psychological. "People in wheelchair are not sick, they just live under different circumstances," he keeps telling. "There's hardly any communication between healthy people and those living with disabilities," he complains and has been working hard to encourage a dialogue.

Slowly though, the number of his helpers has been growing. Each such event accelerates the inclusion of the disabled.


Translated by Budapest Telegraph

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