Update: Balaton Swim Wil Be Held On Saturday, 2 July

  • 1 Jul 2016 9:02 AM
Update: Balaton Swim Wil Be Held On Saturday, 2 July
The Balaton Cross-Swimming will be organized on Saturday 2 July. More than 5,000 people have registered for the swimming event which will cover a 5.2 kilometre distance between Révfülöp in the north and Balatonboglár in the south.

About the race:

The 2016 Suzuki Lake Balaton cross swimming competition is planned to take place on Saturday 2 july 2016. By tradition the 5.2-kilometre competition starts at Révfülöp port and finishes at Platan beach in Balatonboglár. Participants are welcome to start swimming anytime between 8 am & 2 pm.

Candidates are requested to register by filling in a registration form and go through a medical examination to qualify for the competition. This can be done from 7 am to 1:30 pm at Révfülöp football field near Révfülöp port (the start). Participants are given a bar coded wrist band for further identification. Cold shower is available at the start. Due to the large number of participants we expect, you are kindly requested to mind your fellow competitors throughout the race, especially when you jump in the water at the start.

The swimming track is marked by small stationary boats every 20-30 metres all across the lake that also ensure the safety of the competitors. When you reach the finishing line at Balatonboglár we scan your bar code and the race is completed. We also offer you refreshment here. Everybody who completes the distance is awarded a T-shirt created for the occasion, and a prize draw follows the competition with gifts, and, in the afternoon, we also provide some entertainment. Medical assistance is available on the beach.

For the day of the competition we run chartered ferries between Révfülöp and Balatonboglár available for anyone against a return ticket. The competition’s bar coded wrist band qualifies you for a free ride back to the start at Révfülöp. We operate a left luggage service at the start where you can store your belongings during the competition. It is also possible to have some clothes transported to the other side of the lake, we provide plastic bags for this purpose, however this has to be kept to a minimum; these plastic bags are available again at the finishing line. Please note that we do not carry & look after valuables (money, telephones, cameras, keys, jewellery, etc.) and cannot be made responsible for any losses.

We tell you the time that you have achieved in the competition and it is also available on the following website: www.sarkany.hu/balatonatuszas.

Please note that any change in the weather forecast can entail the postponement of this event.

More about Balaton Swim: http://www.balaton-atuszas.hu/eng

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