“Homeless Népszabadság” Sells Out

  • 21 Oct 2016 9:00 AM
“Homeless Népszabadság” Sells Out
All 12,000 printed copies of the “Népszabadság special” edition of homeless newspaper Fedél Nélkül were sold yesterday, and more copies will be printed by Monday.

Contributions by Népszabadság staff writers such as Gusztáv Megyesi, Ervin Tamás and Péter Uj, as well as musician Mihály Dés and philosopher Miklós Gáspár Tamás, do not focus on factual reporting but consist of essays and commentaries.

Their writings appear in a 12-page supplement. Fedél Nélkül is not free, but buyers pay what they think is right, and the revenues are passed on to homeless people.

Népszabadság deputy editors Márton Gergely and Péter Petõ told media website kreativ.hu that the daily will not be published again in the future.

Swedish Nobel Prize neurologist Torsten Wiesel has resigned his external membership of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, saying the closure of Népszabadság curbs press freedom in Hungary, Népszava reports. He also criticised the Orbán cabinet.

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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MTI photo: Balogh Zoltán

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