Public Transportation Vs. Car Rental

  • 6 Oct 2016 8:01 AM
Public Transportation Vs. Car Rental
So summer has already passed but this September was recalling the summer time with its exceptionally good weather. One week ago even snack bars and plages were open on the southern shore of Lake Balaton so visitors arriving in off-peak season could enjoy the sunshine a little more.

Many people go on a holiday this time, maybe only for a long weekend since the low season offers discounts at most of the places, not to mention the pleasant feeling of the absence of the crowd during this period.

The thing most of us would like to avoid while on holiday is the inconvenience travelling can put us through that I am sure we all have experienced more than once before. Long trips in packed train cabins on a hot summer day must sound familiar to all of us.

Heat, crowd, unpleasant smells and unless we are lucky enough to travel with a new flirt train, cleanliness will definitely be an issue as well. And to complete our list, train schedule is practically just for reference. It is great advantage to have some stamina if we want to travel back home on a Sunday afternoon where trains are so packed that we probably have to stay standing for the majority of the 2-3 hour long trip.

I had the luck to travel by train for four times this summer, to a distance of approximately 100 km and my train was behind schedule with at least 20-30 minutes every single time.

But there is no need to travel in the peak season to have some bothersome experience. If we would like to visit some places past Siofók on the southern shore, we have to transfer to a replacement bus in Siofók which forebodes a waiting time of 30-40 minutes, at any rate.

What can we do to avoid all this? If we have a car, travelling can be significantly more comfortable. But what can we do if we have no possibility to get a car for our holiday?

In Hungary short-term car rental is getting more and more popular nowadays. It proves to be a much more convenient and much faster way of travelling, we don’t have to waste time of trying to figure schedules out and to run to catch the train, if it decides to leave on time, for a change. We can manage our own time and we can hit the road comfortably and stress-free.

To rent a car is not as expensive as expected. Let’s take an example. If we take a train to spend a weekend in Zamárdi, return ticket costs 5400 HUF (app. 17,5 €) per person.

We can rent an economy-sized car (Renault Clio or Opel Corsa) for even 7150 HUF (22,5 €) excluding VAT, so for the weekend we can go for an estimated price of 14 300 HUF (45 €). We usually don’t go on holiday by ourselves so let’s assume we take our better half with us for a romantic weekend. The cost of the rental is 7150 HUF (22,5 €) per person.

This includes the highway pass so only the tank refill has to be added to the budget.

In case four people sit in the car, the cost of the whole rental for one person will be less than buying train tickets, this way we can even save some money. Budget Rent-a-Car even has several offers, weekend discounts and we can travel by almost brand new cars. We don’t have to be afraid of getting a shaky old vehicle that has seen one too many trips and breaks down on our way to our romantic escapade. Basic insurance is included in the rental and delivery is available on request within Budapest city limits to make our life even more comfortable.

The reason people go on a holiday is to relax, recharge and take a little time off the daily stress factors of weekdays and work. Why would travelling be a nuisance when it can be just as pleasant as the holiday itself?

Choose Budget Rent-a-Car for your trip, ask for our offers and make your journey enjoyable with a nice, new car to take you to your well-deserved holiday!

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