Hungarian Daily Reports Gov’t Phone Network Plans

  • 16 Aug 2017 8:36 AM
Hungarian Daily Reports Gov’t Phone Network Plans
Magyar Közlöny wrote in its Hivatalos Értesítõ (Official Bulletin) on Monday that documents signed by deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén instruct all state administrative bodies, government offices, state hospitals, government-run public administration bodies, the National Judicial office and the National media and Communication Authority to connect their institutions through an internal landline telephone service, Magyar Nemzet reported on Tuesday.

The line will be built by the National Infocommunication Servicing Co. (NISZ).

Under the resolution the affected state and government bodies must cancel their existing subscriptions by June, 2018.

The move may be followed by a closed mobile network.

Democratic Coalition vice-president László Varju has described as shameful a government plan to establish a “closed telephone network” between governmental and independent bodies.

He said “red telephones” will appear again but now they will be orange-coloured. He argued that under such a move government offices, courts and hospitals will be placed under direct control.

Varju said Fidesz wants to silence hospital directors, instruct and influence judges and shut the mouth of communication bodies and authorities advocating views that diverge from that of the government.

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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