Introducing Fény Street Market In Buda

  • 14 Sep 2017 12:30 PM
Introducing Fény Street Market In Buda
Food, glorious food! If you're a foodie or just appreciate quality fresh produce, that's locally sourced, then take a trip to Fény utca market. Situated on the Buda side right next to the Mammut shopping mall, a few minutes' walk from Széll Kálmán tér and the red line metro stop there. The market consists of many stalls on multiple levels, plus there are a multitude of commercial stores, and there are some great snack stands too, all in all it gives the feeling of shopping like a real local.

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There is an amazing supply of fresh fruit and veg, a good range of snacks (the Lángos here is yummy), Hungarian meat specialties (mangalica pork, grey-cattle beef), assorted pickles, and delicacies such as yellow zucchini, round zucchini and pak choi, plus a selection of different kinds of fish.

The connected shops sell everything from clothes to antiques to pet products, in total there are arond 100 shops here. On the market side be sure to check out the cute flower ladies from whom you can buy beautiful bouquets for fair prices.

If you didn't already know, Fény Street Market (Fény utcai piac) is one of the oldest, biggest, and most popular markets in Buda, which is partly due to its location and the ease in which you can get around it. This is reflected by the fact that apparently it's the most popular local market on social media, with the most 'followers' (see Facebook link below), and it's said to be the most highly rated market in Budapest.

Why is it so special? It has one of the largest selections of organic and 'protected origin' goods in town - many sold directly by the farmers and producers themselves - and there’s plenty of choice.

Plus with a few cheeky little old style bars and cafes, you can take easily a breather, enjoy a coffee or a stronger local brew, and watch the world go by local shopping style.

Opening Hours:
Monday - 06:00-18:00
Tuesday - 06:00-18:00
Wednesday - 06:00-18:00
Thursday - 06:00-18:00
Friday - 06:00-18:00
Saturday - 06:00-14:00
Sunday - Closed

Lövőház u. 12, 1024 Budapest.

Words and photos by Russell Skidmore

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