Kikötő Placc & Design Market In Budapest, 19 May

  • 16 May 2019 7:09 AM
Kikötő Placc & Design Market In Budapest, 19 May
From the organisers: A unique program/project is coming to life at the Sunday jamboree/bash of the Kikötő Placc & Design Market on the 19th of May 2019.

At the PLACC during the market you will have the opportunity to get an insight into the work of the most significant representatives of the Hungarian fashion market in the frame of an outstanding fashion show. In addition we would like to raise the awareness for the importance of being a conscious dog keeper. 

From this combination will rise such an exciting performance that has never been seen before not only in Budapest but in the region. Do not expect a traditional fashion show because here anything can and will happen.

An awesome DJ is keeping the atmosphere lively while the exhibitors are providing the visual pleasure and shopping experience. 

The designers of the Lotus Shop want to reach those who do not settle for the clothes of the present fashion (which will be outdated by the next year) but feel the need to express themselves in an eternal unique and exotic way. (Owner: Valéria Sándor)

There is no need to introduce Huruhuru Design to the Design Placc fans. In their creations the natural elements used in the ancient traditions – feather, crystals, leather, metal - meet the clarity of the modern world. (Designer: Szilvia Szisza Tóth)

The dreamer of Sueshi Design is Zsuzsanna Némethy. Her collection is characterized by the special silhouette/outline of the pieces decorated with unique patterns. Her dresses represent comfort and playfulness. Along with her small collection of dresses, you can take a dive into her extraordinary hand-made jewels and accessories. 

The jewels of the Birimagdi Textile Jewellry are made with stunning origami techniques and are made of cord. The creations of Biri Magdolna are the fusion of creativity, consciousness, sensuality and design.

Urbanantique has brought such a brand to life which is not only about creating a functional object, but it is the manifestation of civil values of the past, protection of our environment and love. What does it exactly mean? You can find it out on the fashion show! Each and every item of theirs is unique, unrepeatable and very exciting… just like you.

Vectorline and the name of Krisztián Stiaszni can sound familiar to the enthusiasts of the scenery/setting. On the 19th of May you will have the chance not only to check out their amazing wall decorations, lamps and extraordinary jewelry but also to buy them.

Eb Ovo will present the example of the conscious dog keeping on the stage. The identity of the performing dogs is still a secret, but we can assure you, it will not be a surprise/you will not be disappointed.

Date and time:
Sunday 19 May, 13:00-19:00

Trio Boat
1011 Budapest, Szilágyi Dezső tér, 2-es dock

More: on the organiser’s Facebook page

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