Wealthiest Hungarian Families In 2020 Revealed By Forbes

  • 7 Sep 2020 8:31 AM
  • Daily News Hungary
Wealthiest Hungarian Families In 2020 Revealed By Forbes
Just as Forbes creates its annual list of the wealthiest people in the country, it also looks at the most valuable companies.

Forbes looked at companies where the majority of the owners and management were related, and 50% of the shares belonged to the same family. Where possible, they calculated with EBITDA to show the companies’ ability to generate money.

They used industry multipliers and then deducted the company’s liabilities from the value and added its cash balances.

Publicly available data was used which was consolidated in most cases, where it was not, researchers consolidated the results based on the available information These are the Top 5 family businesses in Hungary in 2020:

1. Mészáros Group Opus Global, Talentis Group, Talentis Agro, Status Capital and Fejér B.Á.L.

Family: Lőrinc Mészáros and his family
Estimated value: 703,500,000 Euros (252.3 billion forints)
Headquarters: Felcsút
Founded: 2001
Generations: 2

2.  MPF Holding

Family: Zsolt Felcsuti and his family
Estimated value: 565,000,000 Euros (202.6 billion forints)
Headquarters: Singapore
Founded: 1976
Generations: 2

3. Bonafarm Group

Family: Sándor Csányi and his family
Estimated value: 295,000,000 Euros (105.6 billion forints)
Headquarters: Budapest (Pécs, Szeged, Bóly, Nádudvar, Mohács, Szentes)
Founded: 2004
Generations: 2

4. Budapesti Ingatlan (BIF) Ltd.

Family: Mária Schmidt and her family
Estimated value: 238,000,000 Euros (85.5 billion forints)
Headquarters: Budapest
Founded: 1995
Generations: 2

5. Jász-Plasztik Ltd.

Family: Kasza family
Estimated value: 233,000,000 Euros (83.6 billion forints)
Headquarters: Jászberény
Founded: 1990
Generations: 2

Daily News Hungary, Forbes

Photo of Lőrinc Mészáros (left) with PM Orbán / Courtesy of kormany.hu

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