Have a Taste of Bud Spencer's Favorite Dishes at Etyek's “Filmfröccs”, 11 June

  • 8 Jun 2022 10:24 AM
Have a Taste of Bud Spencer's Favorite Dishes at Etyek's “Filmfröccs”, 11 June
Everyone knows that Bud Spencer wasn’t worth bonding with, and Etyek will pay tribute to him as well, as the Legendary Athlete, Actor and Fighter will be more likely to recall the brewing and drinking ability of the legendary athlete on June 11th.

In addition to Piedone, Tony Stark, the heroes of the Pulp Fiction, The Godfather, or Alex Brubeck, among others, will be pictured, and the organizers are urging us not to toss with the plum dumplings of the “Bakterház”!

Arriving on June 11th, “Filmfröccs” is perhaps one of the most exciting programs at the 12 stations of the monthly Picnic in Etyek. The extremely tasty local offer is given a special "spice" both literally and figuratively. In addition to Piedone's onion beans and many specialties, we can taste Samuel L. Jackson's burger from the Pulp Fiction, but we can also eat Hungarian L'ecsó.

Our mouths can be involuntarily smiling when we read that organizers blessed with good humor specifically ask that the plum dumplings of the “Bakterház” must be used for food only.

Of course, not only will the masterpieces of Hollywood and Hungarian film be brought to Etyek's tastes, but the locals will also make exciting cinematographic programs that may interest all film lovers: podcast talks with actors, screenwriters and directors, but there will also be improvisational games and film screenings in several places. for example, in the Vineyard Cinema. DJ Gyurex brings the best film music mixes, and we are also looking forward to the Korda Filmpark's stunt-show.

There are so many exciting things to do for the June 11 FILMFRÖCCS that we won’t be able to browse the detailed offer below.


1. The Vine HRVSTD for you

Your favourite wines
Eloquent: Vino verde; Etyek Shade of Gray; More Than Words; Balian Grande Cuvée
19:00 - The Vine VinoCino
The Vine VinoCino Projected on the cellar wall, in a real garden cinema atmosphere, you can watch the classic Wine, Intoxicated, Provence with a glass of wine in hand.

2. Bortodoor Country
Favourite wines of movie stars

3. Milán Cellar – Zalán Wooden House
Spicy "Piedone" style stew with rice and salad 
Chili con Carne
Soft drinks

4. Újhegyi Kerekes Cellar
Tasting and fair of the winery's products

5. Árpás Laci Ham Master

6. Halmi Cellar
A fabulous world of flavours and aromas from the herbs and fruits we grow and collect:
Special artisanal syrups: pine, elderberry, lavender, mint, ginger lemongrass, MCBL, grape syrup 
wines: pinot noir-cabernet sauvignon rosé, wine cocktails
spirits: raspberry-blackberry berry brandy with raspberries, wine spirits, spicy grape, pomace and apple brandy from Cserszeg

7.  Rezeda Terrace
Live Story Podcast Talks with David Lafka on the power of Hollywood storytelling
12: 00-14: 00 - talks with screenwriter, film director and actor Barnabás Tóth (Redesign, Susotázs, Who Remained), surprise improvisational community game
16: 00-17: 30 - Every wine has a story - tasting and talks with young Tokaj winemakers Kata Zsirai and Dorka Homoky 

Special movie menu: 
Pulp fiction Big Kahuna Burger 
the chicken of Breaking Bad 
Onion beans from Piedone 
Godfather’s tomato spaghetti with meatballs 
“We never die” homemade cream cake  
"Leave the gun, take the cannoli” 
between and after the talks Keiron, Szepesvari (deep / melodic / organic house)

8. Tátrai Cellar
Tasting and fair of the winery's products

9. Orosz Gyula Family Winery
Games of Etyek – movie games

10. Lajvér Wine Estate
Tasting and fair of the winery's products

11. Stelázsi
For children: Slide show and a large glass of elderberry "splatter"
Meanwhile, adults, accompanied by a good wine and delicious snacks, can admire the beautiful view from our panoramic terrace on sun loungers in the Premier Plan. Screenings in the basement:
14:00 - The Adventures of Misi Squirrel, The Lost Kitten, Kulipintyó 
15:00 - The lion, The donkey and the fox. The piglet and the wolves, Bunny Pista I-II
16:00 - The wedding of the cricket, Rudi Szeleburdi, The tricky Bunny

12. Debreczeni Cellar
Hungarian Rataouille 
Krabby Patty from Spongebob 
Grilled Sausage: Alex Brubeck's favourite 
Tony Stark's Victory Shawarma 
BBQ ribs from Fast&Furious 
Plum dumplings from The Stationmaster Meets His Match

Debreczen and Ferenczi family wineries, tasting wines from Etyek and Szekszárd

13.00-18.00 – Harmonica music
The Great Film Quiz 
11.00-18.00 - Sale of FancyFlea children's bags
14.00-18.00 - Games of Etyek - team building programs and game

13. Etyek Cheese Station

Guess the title of the movie from the picture. Among the good decipherers, we draw every 2 hours. The lucky winner will be rewarded with a delicious selection of cheese! 
Delicious syrups 
Walking cheese bowls, cheesecake 
Dairy products from Etyeki milk
Raclette baguette

14. Rókusfalvy Estate
10.00-22.00 - Opening of the Rókusfalvy Estate
10: 00-12: 00: Breakfast matinee for children
13.00-15.00: Cellar tour - with a glass in hand
14.00-22.00: Vineyard cinema on the Rókusfalvy Estate
16.00-20.00: Vineyard Party - DJ Gyurex guarantees the party atmosphere with the best film music mix!

15. Optimus Winery
Guest winemaker: Zsirai cellar – Tokaj. Tasting of the winery’s products
Guest winemaker: Zsirai winery - Tokaj. Tasting of the winery's wines
Craft wines and sparkling wines
Special wine cocktails: vintonic, elderberry blanc, aperol spritz
Lemonade from freshly squeezed lemon with cucumber
Tortilla chips with a variety of gourmet homemade dips, including vegan and gluten-free versions

16. Hegedűs Cheese Workshop
Guided tour - With cheese tasting and screening:
From 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 During the screening, the micro-world of the milk plays a major role, e.g.: the fat droplets and bacteria in the milk can be seen
Movie Quiz: Entrepreneurs can take part in a film quiz. We will give a glass of fröccs as a gift to those who complete the quiz flawlessly.

17. Beer Manufacture Of Etyek
Bud Spencer and friends are waiting at the Etyek Beer Terrace!
- How do you handle alcohol?
- The first five litres are very good, and then at the sixth I start teasing - says Bud Spencer, and it's better if no one teases!
We don’t either, we rather screen the eternal classic Bud Spencer movies while having a good beer, tasting the old wrestler’s favourite dishes
From 7 pm we will also hold a beer drinking competition with valuable prizes! We are waiting for you from 11 am. There will be onion-beans, beer, sausages, garden cinema and a good atmosphere!

18. Korda Filmpark
A real cinematic experience, even the most dangerous scenes become a reality for the price of a movie ticket!
Visitors can watch the movie equipment, stroke the horses, try on the airbag, practice the fall!
Stunt show with real film professionals:
cinematic brawl, combat choreographies
horses on the screen: training, trick riding, extreme situations
Falling from the top of studio 6

Tickets in advance: https://jegy booking.kordafilmpark.hu/gift

Etyek Piknik

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