10 Top Tips for a Great Date in Budapest

  • 25 Jan 2024 4:34 PM
10 Top Tips for a Great Date in Budapest
Just as Buda and Pest make a perfect couple, you and your better half can enjoy a great range of lovely experiences together here, after all it is one of the most romantic capitals in Europe. The trick of course is to do something a little different once in a while to keep the love burning strong, or to reignite the passion.

So here's a handy summary article with sexy suggestions for 'unusual rendezvous' to inspire you on Valentine's Day and beyond.

1. Get Crazy in Love

Thinking outside the box, you might like to take your partner for a round of indoor mini-golf with UV lights, or test your gaming skills at Budapest's Pinball Museum, or travel back in time to experience how older generations went on dates at the Retro Museum.

Or want to feel like a king and queen? Then visit St. Stephen's Hall at the Buda Palace. Another crazy idea if you want to deepen your love, how about going down under the Buda hills to the enchanted Pálvölgyi cave?

2. Holding Hands is Hot

Outside the cave you will need to wear a warm coat too on Valentine's Day for outdoor activities here, say while on a hand-in-hand stroll in one of the city’s great parks.

The uber-romantic Vajdahunyad Castle is a great starting point. Check out the roof garden of the new Museum of Ethnography and the musical playground next to the House of Music and the rose garden of the House of the Hungarian Millenium.

Chirping birds will accompany a walk on Margaret Island during the day and in the evenings you can enjoy the thousands of tiny lights of Lumina Park.

3. Get High on Love

You can head for the Buda hills and take the Zugliget chairlift in every season to take your love to a new level. The two of you will be seated on the gondola as it glides over the crown of trees.

MTI Photo: Márton Mónus

The views of Budapest from the upper station are magical, and it is worth exploring further into the forest of Normafa. Top off your walk with a cup of hot tea and fresh strudel.

4. Make a Sexy Splash After Dark

The steam of the thermal baths and the velvety warm water will calm and relax even the hardest hearts. You can even get a glass of sparkling wine at Rudas Bath's roof terrace pool followed by night bathing in the thermal areas.

Or you could try a couple’s massage at Gellért Baths or Széchenyi Spa. For something more unusual, apparently youcan have a beer bath with your partner at Lukács Bath in Buda.

5. Enjoy Sweet Lovin'

Share a sexy hot chocolate and a naughty cake at one of the beautiful historic cafés of Budapest. Or why not start the day with a hearty brunch at one of the many fancy hotel restaurants or cosy cafes in the city center?

Alternatively, take in and then take home some sweetness after choosing the most delicious bonbons together at the Szamos Chocolate Museum.

6. Try Local Aphrodisiacs

How about treating your partner to a lustful cocktail at one of the city's great rooftop bars? Order them a fancy love potion, which  won't be be cheap but will be appreciated as you know in these top places you will be accompanied by Budapest’s amazing world heritage view.

Who knows, some of the local mixed drinks with Pálinka are said to be good aphrodisiacs. For slightly shyer lovebirds, try the Pálinka Experience Museum, where you can learn about the flirtatious effects of this traditional fruit brandy before you drink anything.

7. Explore Your Animal Instincts

You can find out about how animals in love perform ritualised dances during courtship at Budapest Zoo - look out for Bálint (Valentine in Hungarian) the romantic owl who hatched on Valentine’s Day more than two decades ago.

Did you know you can take part in the zoo's special evening walks? Elsewhere you can admire sharks and special water creatures at Tropicarium located in the Campona Shopping Mall.

8. Lovely Flower Power

Why not take your lover to admire flowers instead of buying some? To do so head to the Fűvészkert Botanical Garden, where, in addition to endangered Hungarian plants, you will find hundreds of unique flowers, orchids, and palm trees.

Also to enjoy some 'flower power' you could visit one of the city's best plant-filled cafes and restaurants, such as Twentysix Budapest, Moai Jungle, Costes Downtown or Plante.

9. Don't Let Love Slide Away

At the end of the 19th century, it was written in a local newspaper that in a single season the Budapest Ice Rink brought together about fifty couples that ended in happy marriage.

For over 150 years this large outdoor ice-skating rink has become a perfect spot for dates. The romantic environment in the City Park is still a great place for couples and singles to mingle, meet people and have fun.

10. Candlelit Danube Cruising

Discovering or rediscovering the 'Queen of the Danube' by a river boat during candlelit dinner is always a winner, no matter how many times you've done it before, as can you really do anything more romantic than that?

Seeing the illuminated city at night from the river is always a turn-on, the sights like Buda Castle, Parliament and historic bridges together with romantic local melodies playing onboard will always delight the both of you.

Tasting fine local wines afloat a boat as you take in the panorama adds to the experience of falling in love with Budapest and each other all over again.


Main photo: courtesy of Rudas Bath

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