Continues to Expand - Offices Are Next

  • 9 May 2023 5:24 PM Continues to Expand - Offices Are Next
In the offices, employees will have access to the freshest food, drinks and snacks, on terms that benefit companies.

"As a leader in our organization, I know how energy and healthy eating affect the performance and well-being of our employees in a fast-paced world. At Kifli, we believe that access to high-quality fresh food and snacks delivered to your workplace fits into our mission to improve people's lives in Hungary. Now we are extending our service to companies and businesses so that they can entrust us with their hospitality, ready-to-eat food and office supplies, saving time and money" says Gabriel Makki, CEO.  

Considering how many types of food, office and cleaning equipment can be needed for daily operation in a workplace, it already sounds like a great solution if everything can be obtained from one place, moreover, the courier brings it to the door.

Fresh fruits and coffees, water and other beverages are essential for an office, especially if you regularly receive partners.

The purchase of cleaning tools and cleaning products is also extremely important, since who does not want to work in a clean working environment the next morning and the stationery necessary for work also needs constant replenishment.

The online supermarket now offers a quick and easy solution for this. 

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