New Managing Director at the Helm of

  • 1 Feb 2023 5:08 PM
New Managing Director at the Helm of was launched three years ago from a warehouse in Kőbánya as part of the Rohlik Group, founded by Tom Cupr.

The company has become a strong and stable player in the Hungarian online FMCG market and a lovebrand loved by many. 

This shows clearly in NPS (Net Promoter Score) way above 70. Under the leadership of CEO Peter Klekner, the company has been heavily improving its results over the past 2 years as well as the company's financial results, creating a solid foundation for further growth.

Under Peter Klekner's leadership, the company exceeded the 3 million fulfilled orders mark, significantly increased its delivery area, offered secure jobs to couriers who were in a difficult situation due to the closure of KATA and stable cooperation to subcontractors and achieved new order records in December.

As the company moves into the next growth phase, Gabriel Makki will take over as CEO of Gabriel, who most recently served as Regional Vice President and Commercial Officer Procter & Gamble Central Europe, brings more than 20 years of experience in international FMCG business and senior management.

Gabriel's expertise and extensive regional experience in leading organizations and general management in Central Europe has earned him a well-deserved reputation in professional circles.

Under his leadership, the company will continue to grow in a challenging e-commerce environment, continuing to base its strategy on a great customer experience, which has always set apart from the rest.

Rohlik Group International CEO Olin Novák said: “I am grateful to Peter for his help over the past two years. He led Kifli through a difficult period of covid, and he is now handing over a stable company to Gabriel, whom I know personally, and I am sure of his knowledge and expertise."

The outgoing CEO, Péter Klekner, added: "I would like to thank all our customers for helping us to become better every day, as well as for their honest feedback and appreciation. I wish Gabe and the team all the best and much success as they continue to improve the lives of customers."

Gabriel Makki, who has lived in Hungary for 10 years, is confident about the future: “I admire what has achieved so far, and I appreciate the entrepreneurial culture, the customer-centric operations and the passionate, competent team. I am confident that our best years are ahead of us. We will continue to focus on driving rapid growth by delighting Hungarian customers by our service and range on the path of transforming the industry."

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