Hungarian Sex Scandal Comeback: Disgraced Ex-Mayor Plans to Stand Again

  • 26 Jan 2024 7:56 AM
Hungarian Sex Scandal Comeback: Disgraced Ex-Mayor Plans to Stand Again
Zsolt Borkai, the former Fidesz mayor of Győr, who was disgraced after a sex scandal, said on ATV that he will be able to defeat current mayor and Fidesz politician András Csaba Dézsi at this year's municipal elections.

Borkai resigned and was pushed out of Fidesz shortly after he was re-elected in 2019 after a video surfaced on the internet showing him at a sex party with prostitutes on a yacht in the Adriatic Sea.

He told ATV that it re-elected he would be able to co-operate with Fidesz politicians at a local level, and would make use of his contacts established during his 13 years in Fidesz in order to ensure that Gyor should receive as much subsidy from the government as possible.

Borkai said Fidesz has still not asked him to withdraw his candidacy, but even if Viktor Orban called him up in two months with such a request, he would still say no.

After Borkai announced in October that he will seek re-election this year, Orban said, "I am not a voter in Gyor but if I were, I would look for another option".

MTI Photo: Csaba Krizsán

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