Film Set Gunshots Alarm Budapest Residents

  • 30 Apr 2024 12:38 PM
  • Budapest Reporter
Film Set Gunshots Alarm Budapest Residents
The tranquility of Budapest’s northern districts was briefly disrupted in April by sounds that many mistook for gunfire, causing a wave of concern among the community. However, the source of these noises was identified as a film production on Hajógyári Island, not a cause for alarm.

Budapest, celebrated for its picturesque vistas and rich historical architecture, has become a hotspot for international film and television productions. This latest incident underscores the city’s dual identity as a peaceful residential area and a bustling movie set.

Following the initial concern, local authorities, including the police and the Óbuda District Municipality, highlighted traffic restrictions linked to the filming activities, but it was the reassurance from the Újpest District Government on social media that alleviated public worry: “NO NEED FOR PANIC, as a film shooting is taking place in Óbuda and its surroundings.”

The unexpected evening soundtrack of simulated gunfire serves as a reminder of the intriguing overlap between cinematic productions and daily life in Budapest. While the specific project being filmed remains unconfirmed, there is speculation that it could be part of the next season of “FBI: International.” 

This speculation adds to the allure and mystery of living in a city that’s increasingly recognized on the international film stage, blending the ordinary with the extraordinary and occasionally bringing Hollywood to the doorsteps of Budapest residents.

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