Global Best: Sziget Beats Glastonbury to Top Worldwide Music Festival List

  • 25 Jun 2024 9:40 AM
  • Budapest Business Journal
Global Best: Sziget Beats Glastonbury to Top Worldwide Music Festival List
Every year, music enthusiasts from around the globe converge at various music festivals to experience the electrifying performances of their favorite artists.

With countless festivals available worldwide, discerning the best ones can be daunting. Slingo has taken on this challenge, compiling an extensive analysis to identify the top music festivals of 2024, with Hungary's Sziget Festival coming out on top.

Sziget Sitting Comfortably at the Top

At the pinnacle of Slingo's ranking is the Sziget Festival, earning an impressive score of 8.50 out of 10. This accolade solidifies Sziget's reputation as the premier music festival of 2024.

Held annually on the picturesque Óbuda Island in Budapest, Sziget transforms the island into a vibrant hub of music and culture.

The festival's six-day duration allows for an extensive array of performances, art installations, and cultural activities, creating a truly immersive experience.

The scenic location in Hungary's capital city offers an enchanting backdrop that enhances the overall festival atmosphere.

Sziget Festival is renowned for its diverse lineup that spans multiple genres, ensuring there is something for every music lover.

This year’s headliners include global icons like Kylie Minogue, Halsey, Stormzy, and Fontaines D.C. Their performances are set to create unforgettable moments for the 90,000 attendees that Sziget attracts annually.

The festival is not just about the music; it's an all-encompassing cultural experience. From theater and circus performances to interactive art installations and wellness programs, Sziget offers a unique blend of activities that appeal to a wide audience.

This eclectic mix of entertainment options contributes to the festival's top ranking, providing an unparalleled experience for all who attend.

Sziget Festival’s affordability also plays a significant role in its top-tier status. With tickets priced at just under £240 (€279), it offers great value for a six-day festival, especially considering the high-caliber lineup and the multitude of activities available.

This combination of affordability and quality makes Sziget an accessible and attractive option for music lovers from all walks of life.

Glastonbury, Tomorrowland Round out Top 3

Securing the second spot in Slingo’s ranking is the legendary Glastonbury Festival, with a score of 7.50 out of 10. Known for its rich history and iconic status, Glastonbury continues to be a cornerstone of the global music festival scene. Its eclectic lineup, combined with the vibrant atmosphere of Worthy Farm, makes it a bucket-list event for many.

Ranking third with a score of 7.00 out of 10 is Belgium’s Tomorrowland, a festival that has become synonymous with electronic dance music (EDM).

Tomorrowland’s dedication to providing an unparalleled EDM experience is reflected in its star-studded lineup and innovative production values.

The ranking took into account factors such as festival length, number of performers, ticket prices, average number of attendees, and the number of stages as well to find out which festival is the best on the globe this year.


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