’Prewention’ at Wáberer Medical Center in Budapest

  • 24 Jan 2024 12:41 PM
’Prewention’ at Wáberer Medical Center in Budapest
“Health is our greatest treasure, and we appreciate it when we no longer have it.” Unfortunately, many people are afraid to take this well-known saying seriously. Because it really does take some courage to stop burying your head in the sand and actually do something to stay healthy.

But this no longer has to be a sad life experience, as advances in science and medical technology are giving us more and more tools to keep our health at its best and maintain our excellent quality of life for as long as possible.

Prevention is one of our strengths.

At Waberer Medical Center, we cannot stress enough the importance of prevention. We believe in the power of prevention to the fullest, and we do everything we can to help people who come to us to stay healthy in a personalised way. By paying attention, we can even prevent the development of diseases that may have run in the family, so that a predisposition is likely.

Let’s be one step ahead of disease!

A healthy lifestyle, paying attention to the needs of our body and soul, is one of the pillars of prevention. It consists of several milestones that we should reach every day, if possible:

* Finding a form of exercise that you enjoy and are happy to do to keep fit.
* Let’s find out what foods our body responds positively to, so that we can find a healthy balance in our diets every day. Sometimes it’s good to take a day of fasting, for example, but it’s not about slacking off! * The important thing is to find the source of joy in a healthy lifestyle.
* We should also pay attention to the signals from our soul, because many illnesses can unfortunately be triggered by a period of stress.

We don’t have to do it all on our own. This is where the second pillar of prevention comes in: regular check-ups.

Take time for ourselves!

Once a year, it is worth monitoring your body’s condition, how it reacts to your lifestyle and diet, with the help of professionals. As we age, this is the best way to assess potential risks and to correct our diet and habits if necessary.

Regular screening tests – based on age and risk factor – can detect potential health problems and incipient diseases in good time, thus saving us from further unexpected diagnoses and mental and financial burdens. And most importantly, we can be more successful in nipping incipient diseases in the bud.

That’s why we at Wáberer Medical Center are committed  to prevention with all our knowledge and all our strength.

Suggested screening groups to dedicate time to on an annual basis:
* a general large routine laboratory test;
* imaging and physical examinations for tumour groups such as lung and chest, colorectal and abdominal, breast, prostate and urological, skin and melanoma, oral cavity, laryngeal and cervical cancers, and cervical cancer.

What benefits do we offer?

Screening tests can be carried out on your social insurance account, in agreement with your GP. It’s important to choose a doctor you have maximum confidence in and who can make time for you.

Unfortunately, long waiting lists can make things difficult and it may not be possible to have all the necessary tests in one place. But it’s also a journey worth taking, because managing our health is in our own hands and in our own interest!

But as in medicine, so in prevention, time is of the essence, which is one of the great advantages of private healthcare, where we can get the necessary screening tests done much more quickly and conveniently from the outset.

As Dr. Róbert Mári, Managing Director, says: “At Wáberer Medical Center (WMC), as a premium private healthcare provider, we have made it our mission from the very beginning to make a personalised contribution to the early detection of problems. A preventive approach is beneficial for everyone, as it shortens the patient journey and the earlier the diagnosis, the sooner treatment and recovery can begin. We follow our patients through the preventive points, building the kind of trust that is essential for any major intervention or subsequent treatment.

Health is a value, also for employers

The role of health services as a benefit is now increasingly valued by employees in the perception of employers. The framework for the benefit can be private health insurance subsidies through benefit providers, or health insurance subsidies, which can be provided on a regular or occasional basis, or tailored to needs.

For employers, it is certainly an investment that pays off in the long term, as it can not only reduce tax burdens but also increase employee engagement.

Everything in one place for your convenience

At the Wáberer Medical Center, all tests are available in one place, regardless of gender or age, through our specialized centers.

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