Spanish Extravaganza: Food & Football Fest @ The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest

The tapas – which rank among some of the most iconic dishes in Spanish gastronomy -  have been created by Michelin-starred Spanish chefs and can be enjoyed this weekend only at The Ritz-Carlton in Budapest.

The 20 clubs from LaLiga Santander, the top flight of Spanish football, will be represented on the plates within the ‘Spanish Extravaganza’ initiative. Ager Urigüen, Jordi Gimeno Benito, Rafael Centeno, Augustin Delgado and Sergio Escribano are just some of the award-winning chefs who have participated in creating these tapas.

Spanish Extravaganza’ was presented to the media this Thursday evening at The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest - as you can see in the pics below. The presentation ceremony was attended by Ms. Elisa Alvarez Martin, LaLiga’s Delegate in Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and Croatia.
Two key pillars of Spanish culture - gastronomy and football – coming together for the enjoyment of Hungarian fans. Almost all regions of Spain are represented by a club and so, through these dishes, diners will be able to travel to Spain’s different cities and to discover the football teams which awaken so many passions on a weekly basis, as well as the typical cuisine of each region.  
The tapas can be enjoyed this upcoming Friday and Sunday, during dinner at The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest.  Two different menus will be on offer: one giving diners the chance to try all the tapas of each LaLiga team and the traditional Spanish paella and another one, the 6-course Michelin Star menu on Saturday evening, at DSK.

On Sunday, 1st March, the Festival closes in the Elizabeth Ballroom, with "ElClásicó" broadcasted live (event will take place between 7-11 p.m.).

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  • 28 Feb 2020
  • Russell Skidmore
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