Postponed: BCCH Event: 'Future Generations of Hungary', Budapest


Postponed: BCCH Event: 'Future Generations of Hungary', Budapest
BCCH is very proud to inform you that they are already ready with their next stop of the Context series, coming to you on International Women’s Day and they have some very exclusive guests in store!

Their upcoming event will be titled Future Generations of Hungary: Brain Gain Versus Brain Drain and as such centered around the notion of how Hungary is encouraging top talent to study abroad whilst at the same time attracting this talent pool back into the home economy.

For this occasion, BCCH will be bringing in another extremely high-profile panel, featuring none other than HMA Mr. Paul Fox, British Ambassador to Hungary and Ms. Katalin Novák, Minister without Portfolio for Family Affairs.

Also joining them on the panel will be Mr Zsolt Pálinkás, CEO of TESCO Hungary in one of his first public appearances at his new post.

They will touch on the opportunities for students studying in UK universities, the support and scholarships they are able to receive to help them not just finish their studies, but launch their professional lives, and how they are going to be employable as a high-quality workforce in the near future.

Given our diverse and exciting panel positions through a high-ranking minister, ambassador, and CEO of a multinational company respectively, we are more than confident that the above points along with numerous others will be covered in a very informative manner, which by now you have come to expect from Context!

The event will be opened by our chairman Mr. Duncan Graham, and moderated by Ms. Petra Polgár from Randstad.

Event via MS Teams – Links will be sent 2 days before the event to every registered guest.

The event will be free of charge.
Place: Budapest
Address: 1051 Budapest, Sas utca 18.
Phone: +36-1-302-5200
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