Hiking, Rám-Szakadék, Pilisszentkereszt, 30 July


Hiking, Rám-Szakadék, Pilisszentkereszt, 30 July
Rocky canyon with waterfalls, popular for its creek trail that involves railings & ladders.

The nature of the hike: the trail along the Ram Gorge requires maximum attention, climbing steeply in the gorge on the rocky, slippery ground. The climb up the gully is difficult, with steep and slippery surfaces.

The tourist signs are clear, it is strictly forbidden to deviate from the marked path and it is indeed life-threatening! However, even for the less experienced hikers, the hike is not particularly difficult, and children over 10 years old are welcome, they will love the climbing and the varied route.

The gorge is only accessible in one direction, uphill! In good weather, expect a lot of fellow hikers on weekends, and queues may form at the ladders and on the more difficult sections. Wearing suitable hiking boots is highly recommended!

As well as choosing the right footwear, it is also important to wear special socks to protect your feet, to prevent blisters and to make hiking surprisingly comfortable.

In the gorges, you will need to hold on with both hands in many places, so be sure to keep your hands free, and a handy little hiking rucksack is an important companion for your trek.

In the second half of the hike, you will arrive back in the village on comfortable, signposted hiking trails and paths.

Due to the particular cool microclimate of the gorge, a good quality, warm polar jacket that does not hinder movement is essential and extremely useful.
Place: Rám-Szakadék
Address: 2027 Dömös, Macskások-Nyilasok dűlő
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