Hungary's November Retail Sales Growth Revised Down To 5%

  • 25 Jan 2019 7:25 AM
  • Budapest Business Journal
Hungary's November Retail Sales Growth Revised Down To 5%
In November 2018, the volume of sales in retail shops grew by 5.0% according to raw data, and by 4.9% adjusted for calendar effects, compared to November 2017, shows a second estimate from the Central Statistical Office (KSH), revising the figures in its first reading downwards by 0.3 of a percentage point.

The volume of sales in November 2018, adjusted for calendar effects, rose by 2.0% in specialized and non-specialized food shops, by 8.2% in non-food retail, and by 5.6% in automotive fuel retail.

Within food retail, the volume of sales grew by 2.4% in non-specialized food and beverages shops (accounting for 78% of food retail), while falling by 0.9% in specialized food, beverage and tobacco stores.

Within turnover of non-food retail, sales rose in non-specialized shops dealing in manufactured goods (11%), pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics goods (7.4%), textiles, clothing and footwear (5.9%), second-hand goods (5.5%), furniture and electrical goods (4.9%), and books, computers and other specialized items (3.9%).

The volume of mail order and internet retail, accounting for 6.2% of all retail sales and involving a wide range of goods, rose by 26%, continuing a multi-year expansion.

Sales of motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts and accessories, which are not included in overall retail data, increased by 4.0%.

In absolute terms in November, sales in the national retail trade network, as well as in mail order and internet retail, totaled HUF 1,009 billion at current prices. Food, drink and tobacco stores accounted for 42% of all retail sales, while the relevant figures for non-food retail and the network of petrol stations were 42% and 16%, respectively.

In January–November 2018, compared to the first eleven months of the previous year, and adjusted for calendar effects, the volume of sales in retail shops increased by 6.3%. Sales rose by 3.8% in food, drink and tobacco shops, by 9.3% in non-food retail trade, and by 6.5% in automotive fuel retail.

A first estimate of retail trade sales figures for December, and for the entire year of 2018, will be published on February 5, with a second, more detailed reading scheduled on February 21.

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