Hungarian Cyber Firm Among World’s Best

  • 26 Jun 2019 8:01 AM
  • Daily News Hungary
Hungarian Cyber Firm Among World’s Best
New cybersecurity hardware Trident HSM, developed by Hungarian cyber technology firm i4p has been given the “Common Criteria EAL 4+” certification.

This endorsement is reserved for cybersecurity systems of outstanding quality, making the Hungarian invention one of the world’s elite.

As reported, i4p has tapped into a booming industry with their security hardware. Cybersecurity has been increasingly important in the life of most companies, not just IT ones.

Since the introduction of GDPR within the borders of the European Union, pressure has been put on companies to protect the data of their customers which, in turn, has increased the demand for new hardware protection: and i4p does just that.

Hardware security is vital for the protection of digital keys and encryption. It provides another, more robust layer to cyber security than virus-scanning softwares and is currently on the verge of becoming a booming industry worth of 1.1 billion dollars.

The novelty in the Hungarian invention is the introduction of “multi-party cryptography”.

Essentially, it allows for the distribution to and deletion of digital keys in more than one system. This means that encrypted keys cannot be identified on a single device: any attacker would need to take control of multiple systems instead.

The theory of distributing digital keys to multiple systems has existed for years now in the realm of mathematics, but until the Hungarian patent, it has not been done in practice.

The company releasing the patent, i4p, was founded in 2014 in Hungary and considers cryptographic security its primary focus.

By working on both hardware and software solutions, the firm’s experts are passionate about finding new ways to protect data of any kind.

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