10 Top Street Food Joints In Budapest

  • 27 Jan 2020 10:53 AM
  • BudapestFlow
10 Top Street Food Joints In Budapest
No matter the time of year, there is nothing like catching a sliver of sun with some great street food in hand. Budapest has seen a burst in its street food scene, with places like Karaván – a street food court – opening up, so here’s the top picks for tasty food on the go!


This new wave butchers on Dob street  serves up delicious meat dishes that will give you the comfort food fix you so desperately want. The concept behind Cupákos is to serve traditional Hungarian meat dishes with a twist. 

Try their chicken liver pate on toast with a twist of ginger and thyme, or the classic Hungarian pork sausage, sous vide beef ribs, or the chocolate mouse with pork belly crumbs.

Address: 1074 Budapest, Dob u. 31.


Delicious burgers made with prime cuts of beef and served up with high quality ingredients by Zing Burger.

You can either visit their restaurant on Kiraly utca or various food trucks around the city. You can even get burgers made with Angus beef served with unique house-made sauces.

Address: 1068 Budapest, Király u. 60.

Paneer / Cheesy Budapest

If you love cheese, you’ll love Paneer. You’ll find various fried cheeses from cheddar and camembert to Hungarian cheeses like trappista and Maci, but even better are their “Real Cheese Burgers”.

Fried cheese in a ciabatta bun with their own steak sauce and fried or dried onions and salad is the perfect meat-free alternative.

Address: 1077 Budapest, Király u. 53.


When it comes to pizza, Italians do it best, and this small place on Nagymezo utca is run by Paolo who makes authentic Italian style pizza. The thin based pizza is served straight from the oven and cut up with scissors.

Try Pizzica’s delicious classic pizza made with torn up bits of fresh mozzarella and rucola or the pizza topped with potato and drizzled with truffle oil.

Address: 1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 21.

Gulyás Tunkoló Büfé

This tiny hole-in-the wall on Kazinczy street specializes in the iconic Hungarian staple – the Goulash. But more than just the classic paprika spiced beef soup, you’ll find various traditional Hungarian stews on the menu, along with a selection of pickles.

Get a slice of bread to dip into the rich paprika sauce and enjoy traditional home-cooked Hungarian food a modern way.

Address: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 35.

Bors Gasztrobár

For excellent street food made with high quality ingredients, you’ll want to try Bors GasztroBár for their daily specials of soups and baguettes, among other creations.

Their unique recipes and gourmet take on simple dishes, like a soup or a sandwich, makes it the place to go for some high quality street food.

Address: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 10.

Funky Pho

Who said street food has to be unhealthy? Funky Pho offers great Vietnamese pho, made with fresh and tasty ingredients, like ginger chicken or beef, rice noodles, fresh vegetables all served up with a hot spicy broth and topped with coriander leaves.

You’ll also find Vietnamese spring rolls, salads, noodles and even craft beer on offer here.

Address: 1066 Budapest, Mozsár u. 7.


When you’re on the go, a cup of soup is a good way to fuel up and still see the city. Leves (soup) is the classic street food place.

You’ll find excellent, tasty soups that are freshly made on the premises and served up in a cup you can either eat on the stand outside or take with you at your leisure.

Address: 1056 Budapest, Vámház krt. 14.

Budapest Bagel

Bagels might not be common street food in Budapest, but close to Kalvin Tér there is one pint-sized sanctuary where you can get authentic bagels in various incarnations with delicious fillings to go.

Whether you want avocado or salmon cream cheese as the filling, this is the place to go for your bagel fix.

Address: 1085 Budapest, Baross u. 4.

Las Vegan's

If you are craving a vegan burger, you’ll find everything from vegetable to seitan patties at this street food truck. Choose from more exotic options like the Indiana chickpea burger or Thai burger, or just order one of each (we won’t judge!).

1073 Budapest, Dob u. 40. 
1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 18. 
1117 Budapest, Váli u. 6.


Photo courtesy of the venues / Cover picture: Budapest Bagel

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