New 'Covid Security Gate' At Hospital In Budapest By B+N Referencia

  • 22 Oct 2020 7:11 AM
New 'Covid Security Gate' At Hospital In Budapest By B+N Referencia
The spread of coronavirus is accelerating, and the number of cases per day is becoming more and more worrying compared to spring. Therefore the current unusual situation requires a completely new way of thinking and new solutions in the cleaning and disinfection market.

This is especially the case in places like health care institutions, where the staff of B + N responsible for cleanness and hygiene put on gloves against viruses every day.

Moreover, B + N have installed a disinfection gate at the entrance of Budapest's Uzsoki Hospital. The "smart gate" disinfects with 0.05% hydrogen peroxide (including disinfecting the soles of the shoes) and the gate also:

* Measures the body temperature of passers-by, and indicates if the person has a fever,

* Checks the use of the mask, "speaks" if the incoming person does not wear a mask, and also “raises a voice” if the incoming person uses the mask incorrectly.

This innovative covid security gateway is programmed to process and send data to the appropriate person, in this case at the hospital but it can be used in other relevant places also in the private sector.

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