Vodafone Launches 'Tariff Revolution' In Hungary

  • 3 Oct 2013 7:00 AM
Vodafone Launches 'Tariff Revolution' In Hungary
Vodafone Red presents: Unlimited domestic calls to every network for less than HUF 10,000 a month, endless conversations in Vodafone’s network for less than HUF 5,000 a month.

“One year ago Vodafone Hungary shook the market by introducing the Red tariff that allows unlimited calls and text messages and is now bringing a revolution with its reinvented packages that provide unlimited calls and text messages under HUF 10,000 a month for the first time ever,” announced Diego Massidda, CEO of Vodafone Hungary at Thursday’s press conference.

Starting October 4, Vodafone is offering a completely new, streamlined and clear tariff portfolio for its retail customers. In the future, there will only be four post-paid packages in the retail tariff selection. Vodafone is responding to customer demand with the clearly defined tariffs and the simplification of handset sales. At the same time, it is aiding its current and future clients to reach the best choice in the easiest way when picking the services they most need. Unlimited calls for less than HUF 10,000 a month!

"The biggest novelty is that the new Red Basic package that includes unlimited domestic calls and text messaging will be available below the key HUF 10,000 price threshold a month. Red Basic gives complete freedom cheaper than the Red Standard package - not including handsets - at HUF 9,990 a month, since users can make unlimited calls to standard-rate domestic numbers without any restriction or send text messages to all Hungarian networks," added Consumer Director and Deputy CEO Alexandre Froment-Curtil.

Red Basic includes 500 MBs of monthly internet use that customers can increase based on their individual needs and habits. The richest package in Vodafone’s new portfolio is Red Plus which includes a significantly larger allowance for internet access along with unlimited national phone use and additional services, as well as a very generous cloud storage allocation for smart phone users at HUF 13,990 a month.

Vodafone is expanding its Red portfolio, making sure all RED clients will receive the special attention and high quality of services they have become used to. The tariff includes insurance for their handsets, employees at our brand stores will configure their devices free of charge, backup data and other content on previously used devices and they are also at customers’ disposal anytime in the future if they need any help with their mobiles, whether that means installing applications or resolving issues. Red customers can expect priority service at Vodafone branded stores as well as at the hotline.

Freedom for the moderate user!

Starting October 4, Vodafone is recommending the new Go packages to its customers who use their phones less frequently.

Go+ offers unlimited calls and text messaging within the Vodafone network for HUF 4,990 a month along with 150 minutes of conversation or 150 texts to other domestic networks, not to mention 500 MBs of internet allowance and 2 GBs of cloud storage space.

The entry-level Go basic package comes at HUF 2,690 a month and includes 100 minutes of calls or 100 text messages to any standard rate domestic network along with 150 MB of internet use and 2 gigabytes of cloud storage.

Revolution in handset sales for Red subscribers

Along with renewing its tariffs, Vodafone is also simplifying the sale of telephone sets. Vodafone grouped phones into four categories, which are now available at monthly fees of HUF 2,000, HUF 3,000, HUF 5,000 or HUF 8,000 on top of the subscription fee, regardless of the tariff package. This way the selection of handsets available for HUF1 will increase further.

Advances in environmentally friendly billing

The third novelty is Vodafone’s introduction of the e-pack service for customers paying their bills in an environmentally sustainable manner, electronically, via bank transfer. Go packages with e-pack can produce HUF 300 in monthly savings while the same amount is HUF 1,000 for Red customers. This is how Vodafone shows its appreciation for having its bills paid in an environmentally friendly, digital way.

Details: www.vodafone.hu/ujtarifak

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