Budapest Design Week, Until 19 October

  • 5 Oct 2018 7:01 AM
Budapest Design Week, Until 19 October
The 15th Budapest Design Week festival will host 250 events between October 5 and 19, including accompanying events around the country. Germany is the guest of honour.

This year saw more venues joining the festival than ever before, curator Judit Osvárt said. Events will be held in Veszprém, Sopron, Pécs, Debrecen and Szentendre.

Launched in 2004, Budapest Design Week was initiated by the Hungarian Design Council with the objective of contributing to raising social awareness of the economic and social role of design, enhancing trust in design and facilitating communication between the actors of this field. 

Budapest Design Week attempts to visualise design as a set of innovative tools and approach, which would harmonically meet the functional and social demands and produce an indispensable device for the creation of products and services.

To support this aim, the events include programs both for the public at large (inaugurations of exhibitions, programs for children, thematic tours, workshop visits) and for the profession (round table discussions, professional lectures, conferences, prize winning galas, etc.), and other elements that would explicitly support the work of economic policy-makers (investors’ meetings, introduction of case studies, lectures, workshops).

Beside their own programs, organisers also provide a chance for professional partners to introduce themselves (museums, institutions, schools, shops, design studios, galleries, etc.).

Budapest Design Week staff is striving to produce a diversity of genres so that the public could enjoy a great variety of the appearance of design, from industrial design to fashion, from interior design to designer graphics or from service design to UX/UI design.

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