Budapest Ranked World’s 9th Best Digital Nomad City

  • 3 Aug 2023 8:12 AM
  • Budapest Business Journal
Budapest Ranked World’s 9th Best Digital Nomad City
According to research done by CommercialSearch real estate agency, Budapest has ranked third in Eastern and Western Europe and ninth globally for digital nomads.

As the digital nomad lifestyle gains momentum, a concept where people work remotely online and travel freely, more and more remote workers are discovering the joy of working from any corner of the world, all while exploring new places and immersing themselves in diverse cultures.

CommercialSearch, a real estate agency based in Kansas, has compiled a list of some of the best cities for digital nomads around the world based on metrics such as affordability, internet speed, coworking costs, and safety.

Based on the ranking of CommercialSearch, Budapest placed ninth on the list of best cities for digital nomads around the world by analyzing the metrics mentioned. The analysis provided insight into factors of working remotely such as average coworking costs, general safety, internet speed, and overall culture.

In the publication of the rankings by Commercial Search, the agency also provided comparisons of Budapest’s metrics.

The findings stated that average coworking costs in the capital reach USD 211 per month, lower rates than those of Prague (USD 238), and Vienna (USD 425). The city has also fared well in terms of safety, scoring roughly 10 points out of a maximum of 15, surpassing cities like Stockholm in this category.

Budapest also recorded one of the fastest internet speeds of 173 MB/s, outranking Vienna in this respect, and with almost 2,500 things to do in Budapest, the city makes a great destination for those who want to explore the world while working.

The research also collected data on the costs of hotels and meals, as well as the general price of public transportation.

In Eastern and Western Europe, the Hungarian capital is outranked only by Bucharest and Krakow.

The full study is available online here.

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