Community Matters: Where to Buy Organic Vegetables in Budapest

  • 17 Jan 2024 11:25 AM
Community Matters: Where to Buy Organic Vegetables in Budapest
Lise H. asked: Hello, I'm looking for a place where I can buy organic vegetables in Budapest? Precisely vegetables and feta cheese. I'm not looking for farmer markets only opened on Sunday morning, but a normal organic shop that has a the same time vegetables and diary products?

For your interest here below are helpful hints and tips from 'Xpats in the Loop'.

Erika E: 

- Lidl and larger supermarkets have organic veggie sections but it's quite limited. For organic dairy I would definitely go to the farmers markets. Most of them are open every day except Monday, not only weekends.

Maria B: 

- I am afraid there are none. Farmers markets or delivery services from farmers (and I don't think they would have feta as it's not so popular in Hungary).

Mariia H: 

- For feta you can look in the Turkish shops.

Aniko W: 

Any market hall will have what you need. Most of them are open every single day but Sunday.
I also recommend Wolf Fruit. But they do not have cheese only vegetables.

Rachel Lak: 

- The Fényi Utca Piac behind the Mammut mall is open everyday until 2 or 3 pm, and has at least two dairy booths that could have what you need, I've not looked for Feta exactly, so not 100% sure. There's also a great Bio Produce store inside the mall itself, near a back entrance from the mall to the piac, so you can easily shop both.

Csaba M:

- This:

Robert G: 

- The online shop, has a lot of vegan food. maybe you can find what you want.

Amy Day: 

-Mr fruit!

Claudia I: 

- You can also order from Zsámboki Biokert


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