'Runway Charity Run', Budapest Airport, 31 August

  • 28 May 2024 9:11 AM
'Runway Charity Run', Budapest Airport, 31 August
On 31 August, Budapest Airport will launch its 12th charity run, which has been open to civilians, besides aviation employees, since last year.

Athletes taking part in the Runway Run can run their chosen distance on runway I at Ferenc Liszt International Airport. The airport operator will donate all entry fees to the Ments Életet Közhasznú Alapítvány (Save Lives Non-profit Foundation) and the SUHANJ! foundation.

On the last Saturday of August, Budapest Airport will once again organize the Runway Run, a charity race that attracts more than a thousand runners every year.

As in the past 11 years, the event will serve a noble purpose; the airport operator will donate all proceeds from the race to the SUHANJ! foundation, which supports sporting opportunities for handicapped and disabled people and the Save Lives Non-profit Foundation, which helps the recovery of sick children. Since the first edition in 2013, donations have exceeded 100 million HUF.

The Runway Run is one of the most popular sporting events for aviation professionals, where the representatives of the SUHANJ! foundation and of the Save Lives Foundation also participate.

Due to the special venue of the race, which attracts a wide audience, this year Budapest Airport will again provide an opportunity for athletes from outside the aviation industry to enter. As in the previous year, this is possible based on a call for entries published on Budapest Airport’s online platforms.

The organizers of the race pay particular attention to ensuring that everyone can enjoy the experience of doing sports, so there will be a variety of categories to enter. In addition to the traditional adult and children’s distances, there is also a Kids’ Fun Run category, where children aged 14 and under can run independently or accompanied by their parents. In addition, since last year, children can compete against each other in three age groups, over 1 or 2 kilometers.

Entries for the 12th Runway Run can be made in the following categories:

Men’s or women’s 5 km
Men’s or women’s 10 km

Aged 6-8: 1 km
Aged 9-11: 2 km
Aged 12-14: 2 km

Kids’ Fun Run: 1 km

Budapest Airport will compile a six-week training plan for participants, to help them prepare for the event.


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