Experience an Exceptional Lunch at Costes Downtown Budapest

  • 6 Mar 2024 12:42 PM
Experience an Exceptional Lunch at Costes Downtown Budapest
Indulge in culinary excellence here on a delightful journey of flavors for lunch. Delight in the carefully curated 2 to 3-course offerings, promising an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

At Costes Downtown, in addition to using locally grown, fresh ingredients, we place great emphasis on creating an exceptional, innovative culinary experience. This experience is made truly unforgettable by our dishes inspired by the techniques of international, mainly Asian cuisine.

Specialties such as Foie Gras marinated in Japanese miso, grilled over Japanese Robata charcoal or koji fermented Kapia red peppers. The aim is to invite all new and regular guests on an exciting gastronomic journey with the help of respect for traditions, creativity and innovations.


(30 g / 50 g) 
Osietra 25.000 HUF / 40.000 HUF
Beluga 75.000 HUF / 120.000 HUF


Beetroot Cream Soup, Black Quinoa, Black Seasame, Papaya (V)
Smoked Trout and Red Prawn Black Ceviche
Dödölle, Koji-Pepper, Gochujang


Miso Roasted Cauliflower Japanese Curry, Pink Grapefruit (V)
Pikeperch, Atlantic Clams, Petit Pois, Edamame, Nori Marmalade
Mangalica Chuck Steak, Yuzu Chimichurri, Roasted Jalapeño
Angus Steak, Tokay- Ponzu, Sesame Jus 
/Upgrade for A5 Japanese Wagyu +25.000 HUF/


French Cheese Selection, Toasted Sourdough
Tiramisu in Our Way
Cauliflower, White Chocolate, Tonic Snow


Lunch (12:00–15:00)

2 Courses 16.900 HUF
3 Courses 19.900 HUF

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