'The World of Rogues', National Dance Theatre Budapest, 16 December


'The World of Rogues', National Dance Theatre Budapest, 16 December
Rogues and highwaymen are typical characters of Hungarian folk traditions. Folk songs, folk tales and ballads preserve the memories of our most famous highwaymen and they feature as a popular topic in folk art. They are often idealised as heroes in folk memory.

This is how “Hungarian Robin Hoods”, our legendary rogues were born: Jóska Sóbri, Imre Bogár, Márton Vidróczky, Bandi Angyal and, first and foremost, the romantic tales of Sándor Rózsa.

These often tale-like, funny or shocking adventures were dramatised by Zsuzsa Zs. Vincze, based on the original ideas of Zoltán Zsuráfszky. The stories are presented by the excellent dancers and musicians of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble with the co-operation of actor Ádám Schnell.

The show about the most famous and most infamous Hungarian highwaymen is entertaining, thought-provoking and its spectacular and colourful world takes us back into the past, enchanting us with the richness of our folk art, folk music and folk-dance culture.
Place: National Dance Theatre Budapest
Address: 1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20.
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