Bowie & Friends: Bob Dylan, A38 Ship Budapest, 23 March


Bowie & Friends: Bob Dylan, A38 Ship Budapest, 23 March
Following David Bowie's death in early 2016, Hungarian musicians decided to nod to the late artist's work by playing his songs on A38 ship.

They had planned the concert as a one-off tribute, however, both the audience and the group wanted to repeat the tribute, so decided to conduct a concert once a year, every year, featuring an artist who was close to Bowie. First, in 2018 it was Iggy Pop, Lou Reed in 2019, John Lennon in 2020, Mick Jagger in 2021 then most recently Brian Eno in 2022.

This time in March 2023, it will feature Bob Dylan. Dylan wa sa huge influence on Bowie. He even wrote the song "Song for Bob Dylan" on his 1971 album "Hunky Dory" and covered Dylan songs several times - both solo and with hsi late-80s band, Tin Machine.

This show in March 2023, as always, will be unique and one of a kind, as the set is changing every year.
Place: A38 Ship Budapest
Address: 1117 Budapest, Petőfi Bridge, Buda side
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