Top 10 Exotic Restaurants In Budapest, Part I

  • 29 Mar 2012 12:04 PM
Top 10 Exotic Restaurants In Budapest, Part I
1. Kis Parázs: Finally! That’s what Adri Bruckner said when she (finally) had the chance to visit this tiny hole in the wall joint. "Finally! Authentic Thai food in Budapest. I have been a Thai food lover for decades, and enjoyed the Thai food craze in cities from Tokyo to New York to Amsterdam, and I’ve had the real thing in Bangkok, so I feel I can say that this little place has it. There are only five tables, and no frills whatsoever. You’ll probably have to wait in line for a spot. But who needs frills when the food is this real deal?" Read on for her next favourite ethnic eatery tip.

Pictured - Kis Parázs

This tiny place does have a slightly more upscale sister, Parázs Presszó, but I haven’t been there yet and am happy with the zero-atmosphere Kis Parázs, especially since the latter is in a neighborhood just oozing with Budapestian bohemianism, i.e., the home of the ruin pubs.

It’s on Kazinczy utca near Szimpla, whereas the larger Presszó is at Jókai utca 8 – there you’ll need a reservation, by the way. See for more on this pair of Thai treats. What to order? Anything and everything. And some extra to take home for your next meal.

2. Taiwan Budapest

Nothing beats a leisurely Sunday brunch brimming with steamy dim sum, or an evening around a lazy Susan spinning with plate after plate of steaming, saucy, spicy things. For me, that’s authentic Chinese, a far cry from your neighborhood “gyorsbüfé,” which I have also been known to frequent.

Taiwan is a sprawling restaurant, room after room filled with round tables, dramatic bird and plant life painted on the walls and ceilings, glossy red and black carved doorways and an army of waitstaff whisking huge trays of delicacies to dozens of hungry diners.

It’s in an unusual neighborhood for dining, near Nagyvárad tér subway stop, but we’ve found just the right excuse to go there – spend the morning or afternoon climbing at Orczy Kalandpark just a few blocks away, and then indulge our well-honed appetite at Taiwan. Our kids love it – my son, who will eat anything with broccoli, charms and is charmed by the waitresses, blowing them kisses.

My daughter loves anything with tofu and can eat more fried rice than any adult I know. Even so, we always leave with well-stocked doggie bags to enjoy more of Taiwan at home… Click here to vist Taiwan online

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