NMHH: An Increasing Number Of Hungarians Have Faster Internet

  • 7 Jun 2016 9:00 AM
NMHH: An Increasing Number Of Hungarians Have Faster Internet
The number of Hungarian fixed broadband subscribers with average online connection speeds of at least 30 Mbs reached 61% in April, up from 53% in the same month a year earlier, Hungarian national media regulator NMHH said in its updated statistical report on national broadband use published yesterday.

Regarding market share information for national fixed broadband subscription providers, Telekom is in the lead with a 53% share of the market, followed by UPC at 21.9%, Digi at 15.2%, and Invitel at 6.9%, according to data by NMHH.

The total number of cable broadband subscriptions is 1,114,043, with a total of 956,951 DOCSIS 3.0 based subscriptions, according to information provided to NMHH by the top companies in the sector. Additionally, 788,219 xDSL and 466,801 FTTx subscriptions were also recorded.

The total amount of Hungarian fixed access broadband subscriptions is currently around 2,616,000, NMHH’s report concluded.

By Maxim LeFleur

Source: BBJ

Republished with permission

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