John Chiara's “Dust of Angels” Photo Exhibition, Budapest Art Factory

  • 14 May 2019 9:59 AM
John Chiara's “Dust of Angels” Photo Exhibition, Budapest Art Factory
The San Francisco based contemporary photographer was invited to Budapest Art Factory for a second time for two months of an artist residency. This exhibition displayed between 21 - 28 May showcases "one-of-a-kind large scale direct negative photographs".

The exhibition will showcase a series of street scenes and landscape photographs in portrait format of Angyalföld, the 13th district of Budapest.

Chiara made the photographs while driving an enormous camera around the city in the bed of a commercial pickup truck, on order to depict the diverse textural beauty of architecture found in Angyalföld, which translates to “Dust of Angels” in English.

The collection of pictures is revealing their beauty of “ikerházak” (in eng: twin houses), panel houses and landmarks of the district through color negative photographs.

John Chiara has developed his own equipment and processes to make first-generation unique photographs at large exhibition formats without using film.

Chiara has developed a process that is part photography, part sculpture, and part event. It is an undertaking requiring invention in his tools and patience in using them. He creates one-of-a-kind photographs in a variety of hand-built cameras, the largest of which is a 127 x 205 cm field camera that he transports on a flatbed trailer.

Chiara’s photographs are strongly perceptual, rendered in soft hues with a strong sense of the viscosity of the material and the ephemerality of place.

John has widely exhibited in major galleries and museum across the States and abroad. 

In order to get on the guest list please register here.

Date and time:
21 May, 6 pm - 9 pm

Budapest Art Factory
1138 Budapest Vizafogó utca 2.

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